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Here's a reminder of whats in the course
  •  First 7 of 14 roles of my Private Detective Agency business, in detail.
  • 1. Domestic/Commercial Surveillance
  • 2. Tracing missing persons
  • 3. Process Serving
  • 4. Vehicle Tracking
  • 5. Background Checks
  • 6. Honey/Integrity Testing
  • 7. Chaperoning/Security
  •  Last 7 out of 14 roles of my Private Detective business.
  • 8. Spy-phones
  • 9. Text Recovery
  • 10. Forensics
  • 11. Electronic Debugging
  • 12. Fingerprint lifting
  • 13.Debt Recovery
  • 14. Facial & Electronic Lie- Detectors.
  • All the surveillance equipment needed, & how/when to use them.
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Spy phone Software
  • PC Password Breakers & PC Loggers
  • Day & Night Vision Cameras inc Drones, Body & Road Furniture cameras
  • Vehicle Trackers
  • Electronic De-Bugging
  • Private Detective Methods & Tactics, including the ‘MOA’ procedure.
  • Evidence Board System
  • Interview & Questioning Techniques
  • MOA Formula and Case Studies
  • Physical Surveillance Methods
  • Rules & Regulations to follow in your new Private Detective Agency.
  • Regulations To Follow In Your PI Business
  • Surveillance & International Surveillance Rules
  • General Data Protection Regulations
  • Regulations That Allow A PI To Gain Evidence
  • Networking, Advertising & Letter Templates.
  • Network Advertising & Letter Templates
  • Identifying PI Networks
  • How To Advertise Your Business Services
  • ( GDPR Terms and Conditions see Module 5)
  • Business Administration efficiency, to maximise profit.
  • Business Admin and Efficiency to maximise profits
  • Basic PI Business Procedure
  • Business Type Record Keeping
  • Office Options & Staffing
  • Admin Letter Templates
  • Customer Service
  • Advanced Lie-Detector training, in domestic & commercial situations.
  • Advanced Domestic Lie Detecting
  • 15th PI Service Advanced Commercial Lie Detecting
  • Environmental Status and Financial Benefits and
  • Environmental tips for your PI Business
  • Your PI Certificate of Completion
  • What Next
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